The Method of Tomorrow: Leadership Review

It goes without saying that the past accomplishments and successes of a candidate also play a big role. But they aren’t the only decisive factor. In a volatile, complex, rapidly-changing business world, future success doesn’t necessarily result from past success.

In many cases, the ability of a candidate to rise to future challenges intelligently and thoughtfully is not properly assessed because it is difficult to grasp. With its leadership review, Hofmann Consultants has developed a tool which clearly illustrates this ability. In this respect, qualities such as curiosity, perspicacity, commitment and determination come into focus as indicators which allow potential to be recognised and become evident, along with the professional qualifications.

The leadership review method plays a key role in the selection process for the succession planning, in the search for and the appointment of individuals to supervisory boards and in C-level searches.

Range of services

Digital Leadership Review

A supplementary screening is provided by the digital leadership review, which identifies candidates who have the ability to lead a company, particularly before the backdrop of digital challenges.