Lifestyle Goods

Fashion, sports & luxury goods

Lifestyle has now been redefining itself for some time, as can be seen in the example of the car. For a long time, the paradigm was to drive the right vehicle. Today, the focus is on smart, smooth mobility, with the vehicle itself coming second and losing importance.

Companies in the lifestyle goods sector are being challenged to develop new concepts before the backdrop of global change. These days the brand, as a label, is no longer enough. Services that offer customers additional convenience and which bring information to the company at the same time are coming into focus and will decide the winners and losers of tomorrow.

To play in the top league, you need people who think “out of the box”, and executives who can anticipate the future aspirations of customers today and find answers to the questions that will only be asked tomorrow.

These individuals are not easy to find, but they do exist. Our decades of experience and networking in the lifestyle and luxury goods sector allow us to track down the best available candidate for our clients in the following sectors:

Textiles & clothing
Sports goods