Procurement & Supply Chain

Supply chain management is all about creating value, building and sustaining competitive advantages and enabling growth. This requires a comprehensive, integrated approach and a wide-ranging skill set. Organisations frequently struggle to identify and develop the best talent to lead these initiatives. Successful supply chain professionals are required to have overarching experience in product innovation, customer-facing functions, wide-ranging P&L responsibilities, knowledge of current automation and systems technologies, a background in multichannel approaches, and a balance between vision, a results-based alignment, and collaborative thinking.

We help companies to find strategically thinking team players and planning experts who are able to think in terms of the complex, global and time-critical contexts of supply chains and networks and to optimise them on a profitable basis. In this respect, examining an organisation in advance with regard to its structure, roles and responsibilities so as to jointly develop a future-proof requirements profile for a successful search is becoming increasingly important.

In recent years, we have developed a stable network for the following positions and roles, and can therefore act promptly:

Supply & demand planning
Strategic sourcing and procurement
Manufacturing operations
Warehouse and inventory management
Transportation and logistics