Professional Services

Highly qualified individuals remain the most important asset for providers of professional services.

The ongoing globalisation of this industry, which focuses on excellence and high value creation, demands exceptional leaders who understand how to differentiate between performance, focus on innovation and create value.

Our professional services team consists of experts who are highly experienced in building leadership teams in both international and domestic companies. Our consultants are able to identify the best-qualified candidates for executive positions. In this respect, we cover the full range, from strategic and management consultancies through to the portfolio companies of private equity firms.

Management Consulting

In the field of professional services, Hofmann Consultants specialises in filling positions for strategic and management consultancies. In particular, we take on search mandates for critical positions at partner/senior level and for expert-level positions in knowledge centres. We also have in-depth experience in the transfer of bigger, homogeneous teams or units.

The success factor is understanding the content of the client’s requirements. Different topics, such as performance, growth, processes and change require specific skill sets and individuals. We therefore take a close look at the respective consulting focal points and the experience of the potential candidates.

Private Equity

The private equity services of Hofmann Consultants are specifically tailored to the requirements of the industry.

To a large extent, the success of transactions depends on the quality and fit of the managers and professionals involved. Hofmann Consultants focuses on finding professionals for portfolio companies in the consumer goods and retail sectors. Considerable expertise, entrepreneurial skills and sound industry knowledge are essential prerequisites – not only during the transaction, but especially during the period in which the investment is held and further developed.

Our private equity consultants offer a range of services and a search methodology which are tailored to the specific requirements of the industry:

Range of services: Deal origination advisorship, external referencing, industry mapping, leadership review

Search methodology: Identification of industry experts in the market screening phase, engagement of senior advisor teams/operating partners/active chairmen to verify business hypotheses, careful selection and recruitment of future management prior to deal signing, phasing in of the management team as part of the management participation program structures between signing and closing

We also participate in pre-deal searches.